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Handcrafted Taxco Sterling - Taxco, Mexico

Taxco Photo

Known as the Silver City, Taxco is world renowned for its silversmithing and designs. This mountainside town was initially famous for its silver mines. Eventually the silver veins ran dry, and it remained a sleepy Mexican town until American architecture professor William Spratling moved there in the 1920s. He was inspired to begin designing and silversmithing by the beautiful traditional art and crafts of Mexico. What began with experimentation at his kitchen table became a legacy of high-quality sterling jewelry. Spratling apprenticed many young men and women who would later become famous masters of design. Family businesses that began in that era still exist there today with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren carrying on the tradition of the highest standard of handcrafted jewelry.

We go to Taxco and buy directly from these artisans. It is one of our favorite destinations, and we always look forward to seeing our talented friends and what they have been creating.

Your sterling silver from Taxco is handmade and contains no nickel. Keep it lustrous with silver polish or a polishing cloth.