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Nelly Uribe - Taxco, Mexico

Artist Photo Nelly Uribe

Nelly Uribe is an amazing designer. In the mountain town of Taxco, Mexico, she raises her two sons and daughter and runs her small business. Nelly’s designs are incredibly intricate. Meticulous craftsmanship and many hours make each segment perfect enough to work as an interlocking and moving part of the whole piece. Because of the jewelry’s ability to move smoothly, it conforms to the wearer’s body, making it comfortable and flattering. You can really see and feel the handmade quality of Nelly’s sterling pieces.

Your Nelly piece is made of sterling silver. Please store it in soft cloth when you are not wearing it (but why would you ever not wear it?). Keep it gleaming with silver polish or a polishing cloth.

Take a look at some of Nelly's designs here.