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Lissa Bowie - Taxco, Mexico

The Canadian jewelry designer Lissa Bowie has been fascinated with visual art since she was a child. When she got older she attended several schools and worked on the retail side of the jewelry world to turn her interest into knowledge.

Curious to discover the origin and story of the jewelry she was working with, Lissa went exploring. She started in India and wound up in Mexico, where she currently resides. In the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, she has learned how to develop a vision. She currently designs and creates her pieces alongside her husband and several master metalsmiths.

Lissa uses tumbago (a gold-colored alloy of brass and copper), sterling plate (a highly durable electroplating of sterling silver over tumbago), and copper.

Please care for these pieces by keeping them relatively dry; you can clean them with a polish cloth when the metal has oxidized, or simply enjoy their patina. These metals are all hypoallergenic. However, with some skin types, acidity and moisture will cause the metal to oxidize, creating a temporary and harmless green tint to the skin.

Check out her collection to see most of her work.