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Georgie - Bali, Indonesia

Georgie Artist Photo“Self-adornment is a personal statement, an extension of our personalities.” —Georgie





Georgie was born in England, but left when she was young and went worldly. She is beautiful—inside and out—smart, crisp, talented, and with a need to explore. We met her in Bali, her current address, and fell in love with her exquisite designs and exacting workmanship. Georgie pays her Balinese craftspeople a percentage of all profits because she wants them to feel invested and proud of their work.

These pieces are made of brass with a sterling silver post. The silver earrings have a durable electroplating of sterling silver over the brass and solid sterling silver posts.

Care for them by keeping them relatively dry and polishing with silver polishing cloth or polish.

Most of Georgie's designs are online but if you want to see more shoot us an email!

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