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Alon Diller - Taxco, Mexico

Alon Diller Photo

“Jewelry was, is, and will be forever. When we wear jewelry we express ourselves, we communicate. It’s a way to say: ‘That’s me.’ I am very glad to be able to create pieces that one can say: ‘I like it, I can identify with it, I would like to wear it and express myself.’ ” —Alon Diller, AR joyeros


Alon Diller designs and produces high-quality handcrafted jewelry. He spent his childhood in Israel, and the country’s rich mix of architecture and cultures helped form his passion for design. As a young man he went to Taxco, Mexico, to study silver. Years later we found him there, and fell in love with his creativity, warmth, and humor. Alon’s jewelry is known for its flawless workmanship and wonderful designs.

Your Alon Diller piece is made of .950 sterling, a high-grade form of silver. All stones are genuine and of high quality. He puts his maker’s mark on most of his pieces. Please store your jewelry in a soft, dry place when not in use and polish the silver (not the stones!) with silver polish or a polishing cloth.

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